trust me, I get it

Being in front of a camera is nerve wracking, add on the addition of being half naked in front of a stranger, and oh my god shit just got real. Thats where I come in, I'm here to ease your nerves as much as possible and help direct you the entire time. I promise I'm never going to just let you stand there not knowing what to do with you hands, because really what the hell am I supposed to do with my hands?

Please make sure to read this guide fully before your session. Theres lot of good tips and tricks on how to prepare and a quick timeline on what to do the week of your session.

Okay you're officially on the books! I'm sure you're now wondering how in the hell do I prepare for this thing. You're in the right place. As women we all have insecurities about having our photo taken. Its a real problem and you're currently taking actions to change that. I look at boudie sessions as a way of reprogramming the way we think about own bodies and damn is that powerful. The biggest piece of advice I can give you...


My biggest question I get when my clients book is about posing. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT stress about this part. I will be directing you the entire time. When shooting boudoir I am in my element and I know what looks good and what doesn't behind the camera. My favorite thing to do is recreate the poses myself so you can see an example of what I'm trying to explain. Some of the poses may even seem silly but I wouldn't ask you if I knew it wasn't going to make you look hot af!

Trust me, you're in good hands.

so what do I wear?


Your session fees (unless otherwise stated) includes access to our constantly evolving client closet. We work hard on finding inclusive pieces that photograph well on every body type. We do highly suggest bringing an outfit or two of your own just in case you don't see anything that you like or you you don't like the way our pieces fit. When you think about the sexiest you, what do you picture? An oversized sweater, your husbands t-shirt, a lace body suite, whatever it is

Wear that!

Bring something meaningful, this serves as a great way to personalize your session. It could be lingerie your husband bought you last year or a vintage piece of jewelry you love. A boudie session isn't always about wearing the sexiest, laciest thing in your closet. If thats your jam, thats amazing bring it with you! If not thats okay too. Boudoir is about highlighting you + your personality. You should feel confident, if you're not used to wearing heels and a corset you're going to feel off and uncomfortable and thats going to show in your final images.

As always Maggie and I are here if you need help choosing an outfit. We're happy to help! All of our contact info is inside your booking confirmation email.

hair + makeup tips

If you don't already have a skincare routine you should get one! Out of all the ones I've tried the Be Purified line by Monat is hands down my favorite. Good skin is what makes the perfect base for makeup application. A good skincare routine should include a facial cleanser, defoliator, toner/essence water, serum, eye cream, + moisturizer. You should be washing + moisturizing in the morning + before you go to bed.

Exfoliate your face the day before your shoot to ensure you won't get any patches when makeup is applied.

Come with clean + dry hair. It is much easier to "Dirty hair up" to make the style stay rather than try to hide dirty greasy hair.

Come with a clean, makeup free face. Do your skin care routine prior to your shoot time.

If you have a "hairy" face, don't be afraid to shave it! I shave mine and no it won't make it grow back thicker/darker. Thats a myth! I use a twinkle razor I bought on amazon and shave my face about twice a month. You can also book an appointment with my girl Harley at Gloskinstudio in Old Milford.

Pro Tip: Wash your face, and exfoliate before shaving and then follow up with your skincare immediately afterwards.

Groom your eyebrows the week before your shoot! My MUA prefers threading but whatever method you're comfortable with is fine.


If you wax please do so before a few days before your shoot! No one wants red irritated skin in their photos.

Check those brows sis! We're going to be getting real close + personal soon.

Mani's + pedis always look great on camera. If thats not your thing skip this step.

If you're planning on getting your hair cut/colored now is the time! I've had clients who had hair disasters after visiting a new salon and it really messed up her entire day. give yourself some wiggle room in case you need it!

For gods sake stay out of the sun and no matter what you do, do not get a spray tan! Weird tan lines are difficult to edit out and you will be charged an additional fee if you want those removed.

Drink lots of water this week! This will help give your skin that nice dewy glow.

Watch your sodium intake if you're concerned about retaining water.

Try on those outfits!!!!! Make sure everything fits properly and all of those tags are removed now so you have time to shop if you need an additional outfit.

day before your session

Remove all of those tags from your outfits! Including your lingerie + underwear. They can really ruin a great photo.

Double check you have everything you could want or need!

Get a good nights rest if possible!

Unwind + Relax!

Bathe, Shave, + Moisturize!

Allow your self plenty of time to arrive to the studio. Please take into consideration unexpected delays. Studio time CANNOT be made up. The waze app allows you to plan a trip for whatever time you would want to arrive and will send you a notification on when you should leave!

the day of your session

Use a clear deodorant pretty pretty please! No one want white clumpy deodorant visible in your photos.

Wear loose fitting clothing to your session! This keeps your skin looking flawless and free from lines + redness. Underwear lines are very difficult to edit out.

Eat something light but filling and drink that water!

If you're getting hair + makeup arrive with a clean + moisturized skin and clean and dry hair.

Have your final payment ready (credit/debit or cash) You can also pay contactless if you follow that link in. your confirmation email. There should be a button that says "View Booking"

Take a deep breath + relax. It's normal to be nervous but please don't worry. You're in good hands + were about to have so much fun!

We'll see you soon!

Make sure you add us to your contact list so our emails aren't going to your spam folder! Maggie will be reaching out the day before your session with directions, parking info, and anything else that might be helpful before your session.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out.