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I truly believe that a boudoir session is something every woman should experience. It's one of the most fun and life-affirming things a woman can do for herself. This is your "me" time, let me pamper you for once and shine your beauty in a new light whether you're beaming with confidence or shy. If you're nervous and thinking "no freaking way can I look like that" I promise you almost every single one of the women you see on my site thought the same thing until they did it!

This is one of those gifts that just keeps giving. Leaving your session you're going to feel so empowered. You are a badass and life is short. DO THE DAMN SHOOT!

collection III

+ Professional Makeup, Lashes + Hair
+ 2 hours of studio time dedicated to you
+ 4 outfits
+ online viewing gallery
+ free album download to your entire gallery
+ $35 print credit
+ access to client closet


collection II

+ Professional Makeup, Lashes + Hair
+ One hour of studio time dedicated to you
+ 3 outfits
+ 40 retouched images for viewing/ordering
+ online viewing gallery
+ free album download
+ access to client closet

collection II $600

collection I

+ 60-minute photography session
+ 2 outfits
+ 20 retouched images for viewing/ordering
+ online viewing gallery
+ free album download
+ access to client closet




let's figure out which session you're interested in...

I offer boudoir sessions for every type of budget and I offer payment plans for every booking. My sessions are typically set up in one of two ways, a full session or a mini session.

| full session collections |

I offer three different boudoir collections which are all highlighted above.

They range between 1-2 hours of shooting and include the free download to 20+ high-quality images. Our premium sessions also include hair and makeup by the most talented MUA in our area. Have a look you want to recreate? Show us! Unsure on what look you're going for? Let's talk. This is quite literally our job. We're here to walk you through every part of the process. Your session fees also gain you exclusive access to our expanding client closet. We have little something for every shape and size. Purchase something specifically for your session that you'll never wear again? We offer discounts towards sessions for donating items to the closet.

| mini sessions |

If a full session sounds like too much right now I get it. We also offer a variety of mini-sessions throughout the year. A boudie mini is a perfect way to dip your toe in the waters of boudoir. A mini session is exactly what it sounds like, a mini version of our full collections. Mini sessions are between 20-30 minutes long and include one outfit change and start at $175. If you're interested in the latest TJP Boudoir mini sessions make sure to request an invite to our private, female-only boudoir group. You can also always subscribe to our boudie call list, you'll receive a free downloadable PDF on what to expect and how to prepare for your session as well as being the first to know on what's to come.

We offer a "I Want it All" Boudie Package for those babes who like to book multiple minis a year. It gains you first access to all mini sessions at a huge discount.

STEP two. let's talk!

Fill out the contact form towards the bottom of this page. I'll follow up within 48 hours to discuss our next steps!

STEP three. let's get you booked.

I offer my boudoir sessions in multiple different studios in the area. We take pride in supporting other local creatives and showing off their gorgeous spaces! I'll send you photos of each location and we'll figure out a date that works for everyone. Each space has a different mood and produces different images so knowing your intent matters when choosing your space. When you think of your boudoir photos do you see light and airy or dark and moody? Once you've chosen your space, date + time I will send you a private booking link to schedule your session. I require a non-refundable retainer to reserve your spot. As soon as your retainer is paid your session will be reserved. You will then have the option to make payments on your time as long as your session fees are due the day of our session together.


Relax mama! You've got this. I'm your BIGGEST hype woman and you are going to slay your session.

are you ready to get wild?

Please fill out the form below, I'll be in touch within 48 hours!

TJP Client Closet


The TJP client closet is now open! Your session fees include exclusive access to everything in our arsenal -- unless otherwise stated. Each piece is sanitized after each use. If you see an article that you're interested in rocking during our session let me know and I'll make sure I have it with us during our session time.

Our closet is consistently updating and changing. Make sure to check back before your session to check out our inventory. If you see something you're interested in wearing for your session and would like to donate it to our client closet after you'll receive $50 off your session fees. We're always adding new things to our amazon wishlist! See something you like? Purchase it for a discount.

Updated photos coming soon...


All of the women on your website look amazing - what if I don't look as good?

My clients are of all different sizes, ages, and body types. Lets be honest we all have different things that we are self-conscious about. None of the pictures you see on my website are of professional models. Its super normal to feel nervous and worry about not being model worthy, but I promise you that by the end of your session you will look just as gorgeous as the other women pictured on the website.

Can I purchase ALL of the pictures taken during my shoot?

Thats a negative ghost rider.

I will take hundreds of photos during our time together. The majority of them will end up getting tossed out for various reasons. This happens with every photo session with every photographer ever regardless of the model.

Only the very best images will be selected for editing. Editing is a super importnat part of the process, and no unedited photos will ever be presented to the client.

When will I get my photos?

Your photos will be finished two-three weeks after our session date. Depending on the package you selected we will either meet in person or you will receive your photos via email.

Can I make payments?

Yes, absolutely! Just let me know if you would like to make payments for your session when you contact me to schedule your shoot. After paying your retainer to secure your scheduled date, I'll email you your balance I'll walk you through the payment process.

How often you make payments and how much is up to you, as long as the balance is paid on or before the day of your session.

I am also now offering installment plans! Click the link above.

Do I have to use your MUA + hairstylist, or can I do my own?

Even if you are yourself a makeup artist, I do highly recommend you use the provided MUA. Makeup for professional photos (especially boudoir) is much differant than everyday makeup. It is also a way for you to relax before our session and feel pampered - it is very much a part of the experience.