How to Prepare

& what to expect for your boudoir session

Okay, so you're officially booked! Are you wondering "How in the hell do I get ready for this thing?" I'm gonna slide in and give you a few tips as well as what some pointers on what to expect during your session. I know, boudoir can feel like a daunting mysterious thing. We all have insecurities about having our photo taken and throw in the thought of taking off your clothes and hot damn...shit just got real.

I photograph a lot of people, almost all women hate their photo being taken. Its a problem. A boudir session is a way of reprograming the way we think about our bodies. When you step in front of the eye of an artist and allow them to show you how the rest of the world sees you -- holy damn is it powerful.

What do I wear?

Your outfits + accessories should reflect you and your style

A boudoir session isn't all about wearing the sexiest, laciest thing in your closet. If thats your jam, thats amazing bring it with you! If not, thats okay too! Boudoir is about highlighting you + your personality. You should feel confident, if you're not used to heels and a corset you're going to feel off and its going to show in your images. When you think about the sexiest you, what do you picture? An oversized sweater, your husbands t-shirt, a lace bodysuit, whatever it is. Wear that. Bring something meaningful, this serves as a great way to personalize your session. It could be lingerie your husband bought you last year or a vintage piece of jewelry you love.

Come as you are

So many women think that they have to reach a certain size before they can book a shoot. Not true in fact if you feel that way, you're kind of missing the point of this shoot. You don't have to go tanning or loose weight. Come as you are, I'm here to provide a safe place for all bodies.

Dont worry about the posing

Girl I got you! Just about all the women you see in my portfolio have no boudoir experience and every single one of them say the same thing "I have no idea what I'm doing." Don't worry, I do this all the time. I'm pretty vocal and provide a lot of direction. I try out poses with you and I'll even roll around giving you ideas. By the end of the session you won't need much direction, I promise!

Loose Clothes

This is important! Come to your shoot wearing loose fitting clothes, avoid wearing white deodorant, a bra or tight fitting socks to your session. This prevents lines in your skin that are a real pain to try and edit out later. If you've booked hair + makeup with me come to your shoot with a bare face and DRY hair! I work with the most incredible hair + makeup artists who will pamper you before your session.


I saved the best for last, intent. I believe this is the most important thing you can do to prep for our session. Take some time to think about why you're doing this. Many of my clients gift their sessions to their partners. What a cool fucking gift. Some do it for their damn selves. Whatever your reason figure out what this session means to you.

Hair + Makeup Tips

  1. If you don’t already have a skin care routine in place, get one! A good skin care routine should include a facial cleanser, exfoliator, toner, facial cream, serum, and eye cream. Make sure you are applying these all to your face and neck! Good skin is what makes the perfect base for makeup.
  2. Exfoliate your face the day before your shoot to ensure you wont get any dry patches when makeup is applied.
  3. Exfoliate + hydrate your lips!
  4. Come with clean dry hair. It is much easier to "diry hair up" to make the style stay rather than try to hide dirty greasy hair.
  5. Come with a clean, makeup free face, do your skin care prior to your shoot time.
  6. If you have a hairy face, don't be afraid to shave it! ( I shave mine! No, it wont grow back thicker/darker, that is a myth!) A hairy face can cause the makeup products to stick to the hair rather than your skin, causing the makeup to look cakey.
  7. Groom your eyebrows the week of your shoot. My MUA prefers threading but whatever method you're comfortable with is fine!

A week before your session...

  1. If you wax please do so before your shoot to avoid red irritated skin!
  2. Check those brows, we're getting up close and personal
  3. If you're planning on getting your hair cut/colored nows the time! I've had clients who had hair disasters after visiting a new salon and it really messed up her whole day. Give yourself some wiggle room in case you don't like it
  4. Mani's + pedi's always look on camera! If thats not your thing skip this step.
  5. For gods sake stay out of the sun! Weird tanlines are my worse nightmare.
  7. Drinks lots of water! This will help give your skin that nice dewy glow.
  8. I know when I eat pizza the night before I'm swollen the next day, watch your sodium intake if you're concerned about retaining water
  9. Try on those outfits! Make sure everything fits properly and all of those tags and labels are removed.

The day before your session...

  1. Bathe, Shave, Moisturize!
  2. Remove ALL tags + labels from yoru clothing, especially from your lingerie + underwear. They can really ruin a great photo
  3. Double check you have everything you could want or need!
  4. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive to the studio. Please take into consideration unexpected delays. Studio time cannot be made up.
  5. Rewind + relax
  6. Get a good nights rest!

The day of your session...

  1. Use a clear deodorant pretty please!
  2. Wear loose fitting clothing this keeps your skin looking flawless and free from lines + redness
  3. Eat something light but filling and drink your water
  4. If you're getting hair + makeup arrive with a clean + moisturized face as well as clean DRY hair
  5. Have your final payment ready (credit or cash)
  6. Take a deep breath + relax. Its normal to be nervous but please don't worry. You're in good hands and we're about to have sooo much fun