Black Friday is officially here, I hope you had a wonderful, drama free Thanksgiving despite the obsurdity this year has brought us. This year hasn't been all bad, in fact its been an incredible year for TJP. You guys really showed up and supported my business when I needed it the most and for that I will be forever grateful. There's honestly no words to rightfully express how full of gratitude I am for having your support. Just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough, so this Black Friday weekend is all about you.

These are some of the best deals I've EVER had, on top of some brand new things I've been dying to share with you! If you're planning on scheduling a session in 2021 you're going to want to keep reading.


Buy One Get One

Already planning on booking a future session? Purchase a gift card and get one of equal value for FREE to use towards your own session or gift it to a loved one to check them off the Christmas list! After your purchase, you'll receive information for your second gift card!

**Gift cards can not be used towards already booked sessions and cannot be paired together for the same session.

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Have you been wanting to order prints?

Client Portal

15% off all active galleries

Nows the time! If you have an active gallery with me right now go check it out. There's now a coupon code in the banner at the top of your gallery. Enter that code at checkout to receive 15% off your order plus free shipping.

Can't find your gallery? Search your name in the client portal.
Still can't find? Shoot me an email and I can send it your way.



For those of you who book multiple sessions a year, this is the sale for you! All TJP packages, including the new Boudoir Mini's package, are now 10% off.

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive your discount.

TJP Packages

$75 per ticket

2021 Mini Session Ticket

Your Mini Session ticket gains you first priority booking and is redeemable for one 2021 mini session of your choosing. After purchasing your ticket you'll receive a randomly generated code to enter when booking your session. Enter that code when booking to redeem your session.

If you're interested don't wait, there are only five tickets available.
- Only three remaining!

My 2021 schedule is subject to change.

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TJP Boudoir Mini Package

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My most exciting package yet...

Boudoir sessions are my jam, they're hands down my favorite to shoot. For those of you who book multiple sessions, you're going to want to check this out.

Become a TJP Boudoir Package holder and receive:

- First Priority Booking
- 4 Boudoir Mini Sessions
- Digital Photos + Free Download for all albums
- 25% Off All Products
- 50% Off Any Regular Session

$100 to purchase your package $150 a month for four months

Learn more about the new boudoir mini package