It's been amazing to see our communities come together these last few weeks. Its been the silver lining during this insane time. I've seen more empathy and compassion these past few weeks than I ever have. Things are really scary and I know that a lot of people are in a dark place right now. It's been incredible to see all of the good that has been shining through. I've been struggling with how I can bring some value to our communities healthcare workers during COVID-19. I have talent behind the camera but thats about it and thank you's just don't seem like enough for these brave men + women who are fighting this pandemic head-on.

Book ANY session this month for any future session and you will have the ability to gift a session to someone you personally know who's working in the healthcare field during this pandemic. Don't know someone, don't worry I know plenty! If you're planning on scheduling a session this year go ahead and book your session now. We can always reschedule if need be.

How to Schedule Your Session

Step One: Click here to choose which session you would like to book

Step Two: Choose the date + time + location of your session, Unsure on a location I have a ton of ideas lets talk.

Step Three: Pay your deposit to reserve your session. Receive a $25 discount if you pay in full when booking using coupon code FULL when checking out.

Step Four: This ones on me, I'll reach out for the contact details to the person you will be donating your session to. I'll talke things from there!

Step Five: Prepare for your session! I'll see you soon.