Yes, I know its November 12 and it's currently snowing outside. My initial plan was to have this blog posted on Halloween, but guess what life happens and I have no shame. After weeks of playing catch up from one of my busiest seasons yet, I finally had two-seconds to sit down and share these gems with you guys.

Like most of my fellow photographers, I get so zoned into my work that I rarely take photos that scratch my creative itch. Don't get me wrong being your photograph is my strongest passion but It's an amazing feeling having complete creative freedom with no expectations or stress of capturing those perfect shots.

I cam across a badass photo like 5 years ago on Pinterest of this girl holding a jack-o-lantern that was oozing with dark rich smoke. This year I finally decided to just do it! I am the queen at procrastinating, its taken me years to pull together this super simple shoot that resulted in some of my favorite photos I've ever taken!

I asked Katie if she had some free time, ordered the best smoke bombs I could get and spent a few hours with my loving boyfriend carving a pumpkin, which may or may not have ended in an argument, to just catch it on fire in the middle of the woods.

What better location for a spooky Halloween session than a cemetery? Well, turns out Spring Grove Cemetery hosts events and just so happened to be closing early that night. Last minute we ended up shooting at Devou Park. For those of you who don't know it's a gorgeous park in Covington, KY that has one of the best views of the city skyline.

Katie was an angel despite the devilish makeup, which she did HERSELF! She probably has scars from all of the hot wax I made her endure.

Check out all of our gorgeous spooky images below.